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Random; Skully
I moved.

New LJ = MissxEnigma


Random; Skully
Oh look, LJ. I'm alive.
I went and saw 300 last night.
Pretty much amazing.
And right now, amazing is good.

Don't you love when life is just chaos?
Blech, whatever.

I've got the Marvel addition of Stoker's Dracula, so I'm as happy as I can be for now.

Other than that...
I've got nothing to say.
Well, atleast nothing I want to talk about.

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Random; Skully
Tomorrow is Christmas.
Just thought I'd share that.
And my house smells like eggplant.
..It makes me happy. :D
And the fact that I'm slowly getting over being sick...
makes me happier. :D

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ChibiUsa; Angel
It's that time of year again.......


30 minutes til they're done.
Then I have to...
Ice them.
Cut them.
Wrap. Ribbon. Tag. Pack.

Oh how I love spreading holiday joy through brownies.

"iam sugarrr: you are the brownie fairy, who brings yummy brownies to all the rad little boys and girls :D"

"imortalcombat: is it something delishious and non nutritious??
imortalcombat returned at 5:21:32 PM.
miss mindfreakx: heck yes
imortalcombat: brownies!!"

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Random; Story
Lately I pretty much suck at filling people on in what's going on in my life. But I suppose that's because I don't really have much of a life lately. AAR with Sarah, Sam and Su a few weeks ago, and I've been sick since then. So pretty much it feels like I've been sick for forever.

I lay around in bed and watch Degrassi, and Fuse and other random things on tv, and that's about the extent of my life at the moment. Like right now, I'm watching Legally Blonde for the second time tonight.

My room's a mess, but anyone who knows me that when I say mess, I mean that it's just a little untidy. Anyone who know grandma knows that she's anal about keeping everything clean. Like just now, I went and cleaned my closet because I know that tomorrow she'll go in there to get my throw pillows and would have seen my stuff on the floor and a pair of jeans ans a skirt not hung up and would have been all "rawr keep it clean!" like. But whatev. It's tidy.

So my mom and I are out on the porch on Thanksgiving and we started talking about my Uncle Bobby. Apparently he's still missing Uncle Billy, which then turned into a discussion about the trial. Pretty much the defendent's attorney is trying to press that the defendent is prone to bits of rage when alochol/drugs are in the picture and that he didn't intend to bash my uncle's head in with a brick. Excuse me, but whether he "intended" to or not, he still fucking killed a man.

Well, that whole convorsation lead to the news of Mallory being able to get a tattoo for her 17th birthday if she keeps the no C's on the report cards. I figured out that I want to get a lotus flower on my shoulder with two stars. It might say "in joy and sorrow" on the bottom, but I haven't figured it out yet. It's a memorial to my Uncle Billy and my Great Uncle Chuck who both passed away this summer.

And in other news, I think I'm getting a camera for Christmas. :D

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Random; Skully
Right now...there are about a gillion things fighting to get out of my head.
Maybe when I can calm down I'll get some of them out in the open.

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Random; Skully
My ear hurts and I'm so glad it's the weekend.
I have so much design orriented crap to get done...
Especially my T-shirt designs and Planner designs for com tech. (And I haven't even TOUCHED my t-shirt designs yet.)

Plus all my stuff for Publicity designs for District. I've got like...a weekend to get it all together. Fun right? I decided on Honk. I think it'll be fun.

Oh, and lets not forget the FCAT Science books I have to do before Monday. -dies-

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Reading; Sexy
Oh four day weekend how do I love thee?
See, four day weekends means sleep.
Sleep is something I don't normally get.
Therefore, I'm in heaven.
And you know, I actually slept very good last night.

Went and saw the Grudge 2 with Bea and some of her friends last night.
Well, anyone who knows me knows how I am about scary movies.
Thankfully, though, it really wasn't that scary.
Yeah, I jumped a few times and screamed once, but eh, it wasn't that bad.
I was able to sleep too, and come on, I've got a crazy imagination.
But no night time freak outs for me.

The only freak out right now is the bump on the back of my ear.

Meh, I have nothing interesting to say. I think I'm gonna go watch me some X-Men now.

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HP; Voldemort Stop the rock

Reading things like that really makes me happy. I stayed up til now waiting for someone to come home from the Homecoming game just to see how we did. God, Sharks are just...so different this year.

But yes, tomorrow is the dance. I'm uber excited.

And exhausted. And feeling sick.


My best friend is crazier than me, but I still love her to death.

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Random; Peircing
The Katie says I should update my El Jay. So here I am.
Let's see...

Went and saw The Wicker Man with Katie and Matt on Friday. Good night, sucky movie. Borgiddy borgiddy baac you.
Saturday I spent the day with my mom and we went to Allen's shop. I finally got an industrial in my ear and before anyone asks...yes. It hurt. A lot.
Sunday came the stress of homecoming shopping. Eh, you'll see what happens when homecoming comes around.
Yesterday was school and night school. And omg Heroes premiered. Kick ass show.

I don't know...things are just kind of...in between right now. Like, I'm not insanely happy but I'm not depressed. I miss people, I want people to go away, I want things to change, I want them to stay the same. You know?

Ugh, reading The Crucible in English. Bah, not really all that interesting. Today I was reading as Abigail and David read as Parris. It got me miffed because people are just so disrespectful. Who am I kidding...

That's what highschool's all about. People being asses.

Not that everyone in school is an ass, it's just a big handful of people.

Dear god I hope I brought my English grade up.


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