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Random; Peircing
The Katie says I should update my El Jay. So here I am.
Let's see...

Went and saw The Wicker Man with Katie and Matt on Friday. Good night, sucky movie. Borgiddy borgiddy baac you.
Saturday I spent the day with my mom and we went to Allen's shop. I finally got an industrial in my ear and before anyone asks...yes. It hurt. A lot.
Sunday came the stress of homecoming shopping. Eh, you'll see what happens when homecoming comes around.
Yesterday was school and night school. And omg Heroes premiered. Kick ass show.

I don't know...things are just kind of...in between right now. Like, I'm not insanely happy but I'm not depressed. I miss people, I want people to go away, I want things to change, I want them to stay the same. You know?

Ugh, reading The Crucible in English. Bah, not really all that interesting. Today I was reading as Abigail and David read as Parris. It got me miffed because people are just so disrespectful. Who am I kidding...

That's what highschool's all about. People being asses.

Not that everyone in school is an ass, it's just a big handful of people.

Dear god I hope I brought my English grade up.

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oooo. new layout.
me likey.
heroes confused me a bit, but i liked
it. :]

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