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Oh four day weekend how do I love thee?
See, four day weekends means sleep.
Sleep is something I don't normally get.
Therefore, I'm in heaven.
And you know, I actually slept very good last night.

Went and saw the Grudge 2 with Bea and some of her friends last night.
Well, anyone who knows me knows how I am about scary movies.
Thankfully, though, it really wasn't that scary.
Yeah, I jumped a few times and screamed once, but eh, it wasn't that bad.
I was able to sleep too, and come on, I've got a crazy imagination.
But no night time freak outs for me.

The only freak out right now is the bump on the back of my ear.

Meh, I have nothing interesting to say. I think I'm gonna go watch me some X-Men now.


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